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Wood Board Conditioner

Wood Board Conditioner

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Properly maintain and condition your wooden surfaces and cutting boards with wood conditioner. A specially designed blend of pure, food grade mineral oil combined with naturally antimicrobial oils penetrates, rejuvenates, and seals worn wood cutting boards, butcher blocks, and wood table tops. This wood conditioner will help keep your cutting boards and butcher blocks strong and durable even with every day usage. The blend of oils specifically help stunt any bacterial growth while also helping to protect the surface and appearance. Even old wooden cutting boards will be given a new shine and luster!

  • Absorbs into wood for thorough conditioning
  • Protects against damaging every day usage
  • Stunts bacterial growth
  • Infuses wood surface with light citrus and rosemary scents

Check out how to clean your cutting boardthen rub in the wood board conditioner and you'll keep your board like new. Applying conditioner is not necessary after every wash, only when board is looking dry.