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Small Tapered Offset Spatula
Small Tapered Offset Spatula

Small Tapered Offset Spatula

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This is a top of the line Ateco tapered offset spatula! Frost any cake and easily smooth any hard to reach icing flaws with this 4 3/4" spatula. With a natural wood handle and a tapered stainless steel blade, this spatula allows for precise edging on frosted desserts. Because the blade is slightly bent, you can easily round corners and follow the natural form of round cupcakes and tiered cakes to evenly distribute icing. With the proper tools for each task in the kitchen, you can create professional, appetizing desserts that are sure to catch your customers' attention! It is great for variety of tasks including removing cakes from pans, removing waffles from waffle irons, adding clean designs to desserts, and spreading sauce on sandwiches. 
  • Perfect for plating, turning product over in a pan, icing baked goods, and more!
  • Features a 5" stainless steel blade, 4" wooden handle, tapers down from 1 1/16" width.
  • Includes a natural wood handle
  • Tapered, offset design provides flexibility
  • Great for frosting cakes
  • Helps create smooth, professional presentations