Root Vegetable Soup with Cheesy Flatbread and Sour Cream

Root Vegetable Soup with Cheesy Flatbread and Sour Cream

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Creamy, rich and filling!

This potato and root vegetable soup is a heartwarming dish that is a crowd pleaser. We slow cook our soup and blend it until it's very smooth with just a touch of cream for a velvety finish. The greatest thing is you cook your bacon in the pot that you heat the soup in so it makes it 2x delicious with the bacon fat!

Warm up the flatbread with some mozzarella and cheddar and serve it alongside this hearty soup and you've got a winner!

Potato and Parsnip Soup. Heavy Cream. Onion. Garlic. Aromatics. Crisp Bacon, Sour Cream. Mozzarella. Cheddar. Fresh Grilled Flatbread. 

Dietary Accommodations
Vegetarian(without bacon), Gluten Free(without flatbread), Nut Free

Cook Time 
8 minutes

Disclaimer and Details
The staff at Salt Pepper and Oil has excellent sanitation practices, and processes to avoid any cross contamination. We do however produce all of our products out of one kitchen that includes most common allergens.

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