Pierogies | 2lb pack

Pierogies | 2lb pack

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These pierogies are the a need-to-have in your freezer!

Classic Potato and Cheese: we make them from scratch like grandma with some extra cheeses, the filling is WA grown russet potatoes, cheddar, asiago, parmesan, romano, and provolone and fresh chopped garlic along with salt and spices. 

Breakfast Pierogi: creamy potatoes mixed with bacon, aged cheddar and scallions

Italian Sausage and Cheese: creamy potatoes mixed with mild italian sausage and aged hard italian cheeses.

Cook them up in just 5 minutes, slap on some butter, and a side of sour cream and you're set. If you’re feeling super fancy, sauté up some onions and bacon, and after the pierogies are cooked and strained from the water, crisp fry each side and now you’re talking traditional goodness!

Netflix and Pierogies!

Comes in our upgraded 2lb pack.