Olive Oil Spray
Olive Oil Spray

Olive Oil Spray

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This 14oz olive oil spray allows you to add the rich and robust flavor of extra-virgin olive oil to your foods without having to drizzle or brush it on. Simply spray this seasoning and achieve an even and consistent coating of bold flavor in no time! Featuring a heart-healthy blend of extra-virgin olive oil and canola oil, this spray contains all natural ingredients and is a cholesterol free and trans-fat free alternative to other cooking sprays. By spraying only the amount you need, you avoid wasting product and adding excess oil, which saves money and lowers the calorie content in foods. 
  • Made with high quality extra-virgin olive oil
  • Can be applied directly to food before or after cooking
  • Great for pasta, breadsticks, vegetables, and more
  • No cholesterol or trans fat
  • Anti-clogging spray nozzle
  • Great for coating baking sheets, and muffin tins.