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💥NEW💥 | SPO Grocery Kit

💥NEW💥 | SPO Grocery Kit

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Introducing our very own local SPO curated grocery kit for the week. 

This kit will change weekly and will contain some staples weekly, but will be modified on a weekly basis. 

This Week's Grocery Kit Includes:

Sweet Potato, 2lb
Celery, head
Jalapeno, .5lb
Organic Cauliflower, half head
Organic Scallion, bunch
Daikon Radish, 2lb
Yellow Onion, 2ea
Ginger, 1ea
Garlic, head
Organic Snow Peas, .5lb
Green Beans, 1lb
Tomatoes, 2ea
Avocado, 2ea
Organic Spring Mix, .33lb

Thank you in advance for ordering our grocery kit, we're excited to be able to curate this for you on a weekly basis. We we pack this kit with care and proper handling but as any raw, unwashed product please do wash and/or peel vegetables as you normally would.

 NOTE: picture is a mock up, look at description for weekly kit info.