Local Raised Eggs | 1dz
Local Raised Eggs | 1dz

Local Raised Eggs | 1dz

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Get a dozen of locally raised eggs with your meals this week.
We source from a couple local farms but mostly Osprey Farms for our eggs, and sometimes we get them from a collective of farmers in bulk. 

Osprey Hill in particular is a small, organically grown family farm that is taking big steps towards sustainability. Anna and Geoff are committed to providing honest, high quality food while working to sustain and improve our land and natural resources.  Nothing beats a home grown meal and they love sharing the fruits of our labor with you.

Locally raised and loved chickens from Osprey Hill Farms by Anna and Geoff Martin, who are great personal friends and have supplied SPO through the years with produce and chickens and now eggs! These eggs are the best, and come to you unsized as the hens produce them. 

Poultry at Osprey Farms is hatched locally in Bellingham and raised on our farm in Acme.  Birds are grazed on fresh pasture daily.  The feed is verified GM free, no corn, no soy, 100% grown in Wa state + Atlantic Kelp, no hormones, no antibiotics, no spray.  Layer feed is verified GM free & certified organic. 

Support Local Friends!