El Fuego Hot Sauces
El Fuego Hot Sauces
El Fuego Hot Sauces
El Fuego Hot Sauces
El Fuego Hot Sauces
El Fuego Hot Sauces
El Fuego Hot Sauces

El Fuego Hot Sauces

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These locally made hot sauces are made by Erin at El Fuego!
All of these sauces are handcrafted, unique in their own way and vegan! 

Watermelon Peno
Juicy watermelon followed by a mild jalapeno burn that makes you wanting more. Enjoy with egg rolls, glazed pork or even candied bacon.

Fresno Pepper Sauce
A mild hot sauce and the perfect addition to any table that's only made at one point in the year when these red peppers are at their prime. Goes great with everything from eggs, to pizza, to Bloody Mary’s, and even makes a great wing sauce when heated up with butter.

Tropical Habanero
Transport your taste buds to the tropics! This delicious combination of sweet and spicy starts with ripe mangos, sweet pineapple & juicy oranges, along with habanero and fresno peppers. Some onion, garlic, fresh lime and ginger juice join the party to really round it off and make this sauce hard to put down. Wonderful on anything you desire, especially fish, ceviche, mac n cheese, tacos, pizza, & cocktails!
NO ADDED SUGAR of any kind! 

Pineapple Thai
SPO FAVORITE and recent winner of the Fiery Food Challenge!
Sweet pineapple followed by the heat of thai and jalapeño peppers and a refreshing citrus finish. This sauce is perfect for those who like their sweet chili sauces a little spicier. Great with fried rice, stir fry, egg rolls, chicken wings, cream cheese dip, glaze for baked ham, & pizza, if pineapple on your pie is your thing! Similar to an Asian style sweet chili sauce, almost like a pourable pepper jelly.

Serrano Pepper Sauce
Hot Pepper Awards winnerFlavorful serrano peppers along with the simple combination of garlic and lime are what make this sauce the perfect balance of flavor and heat. It’s a great addition to any meal, but a few of my favorites are chicken salad, oysters, black beans, eggs, tuna, sandwiches, and Mexican food.

Habanero Pepper Sauce
This pepper sauce is for those who really like it hot. You can definitely taste the freshness of the ingredient in this pepper mash, that is if you don’t burn your taste buds while eating it! One of my favorite uses for this sauce is on sushi! It’s delicious on anything you want to kick up a notch.

Roasted Garlic Habanero Pepper Sauce
This pepper sauce is spicy with a strong garlic smell and slightly sweetened taste from roasted bell pepper making this sauce a true and perfect companion to pizza. It also goes great with Mexican and Asian dishes, chicken, potatoes and so much more!