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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our oils are supplied by Drizzle in Fairhaven WA and are top of the line!
This olive oil is seasonally changing, and is consistently sourced based on high flavor and extremely low bitterness. This makes it perfect for not only cooking but as your oil in dressings, marinates, and more.

You should expect a sweet, mild, delicate and creamy with almond notes, no bitterness, and a delightful fruity finish. With flavors notes ranging to savory and grassy, displaying stunning tasting notes of tomato leaf, creamy artichoke and green tea.

These varietals can range from Picual, Chiqutita, Hoji Blanco coming from Portugal, Spain and Chile depending on the season.

*availability may vary depending on supply at Drizzle