Espresso Noir | Medium-Dark

Espresso Noir | Medium-Dark

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This coffee is locally roasted by Tony's Coffee, in Bellingham since 1971.

Noir is French for “black”. Which is fitting, considering that the natural sweetness in this espresso makes it delicious as a straight shot or Americano. That said, it is also strong enough to hold its own in a cappuccino or latte. So maybe we should change the name to “Noir et Crème”? Dark Roast – Agtron 55

Want a little help for pulling the perfect shot of Espresso Noir?

  • 1 part coffee to 1.75 parts water (for example, 20 grams coffee to 35 grams yield). Your exact dose will depend on your basket size.
  • 25-30 seconds.
  • 200-202 degree water.

Think: velvety mouthfeel, brown sugar finish, good presence in milk.




Fair Trade, Kosher, Organic


Blend of fully-washed coffees

Fair Trade USDA Organic Coffee