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Artisan Chocolate Truffles | 4-pack
Artisan Chocolate Truffles | 4-pack

Artisan Chocolate Truffles | 4-pack

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Double Chocolate | dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell
Dark or Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter | creamy peanut butter ganache
Exotic Columbia 65% | rich, luxury dark chocolate 
Caramel Milk | smooth caramel ganache in a milk chocolate shell
Irish Coffee | imported Italian coffee liquor with in a milk chocolate shell
Kahlua | creamy coffee liquor milk chocolate ganache encased in dark chocolate
Triple Chocolate | bitter and semi sweet chocolate ganaches coated in dark chocolate
Balsamic Caramel | balsamic vinegar and caramel with milk chocolate in dark chocolate
Tahitian Vanilla | authentic tahitian vanilla white chocolate ganache in dark chocolate
Bailey's Irish Cream | Irish cream liquor ganache encased in milk chocolate

Chocolate Necessities is one of the original artisan chocolate companies in the United States, founded in 1986 by Kevin Buck and Mark Pantly. The search for chocolate began with a trip to Canada where Kevin experienced Callebaut, a leading chocolate maker. This brought up compelling questions like, "Why can't we (in the US) have this amazing chocolate?" And, "How can I source only quality chocolate with no compromises?" Intrigue lead the way in learning how to ask the right questions. Many owners were not willing to share their hard earned information, but the right questions seemed vital to achieving the next level of industry insider truth. They now have two locations and Nicole as the chocolatier as well as over 10 other employees. 
Over the years, Kevin has dedicated hours to researching and tasting chocolate from around the world.  The milk chocolate we use today has 43% cocoa solids and the semi-sweet chocolate has 54.5% cocoa solids.  Equally important to Kevin was the amount of the cocoa butter to ensure that the chocolate melts properly as only great chocolate does.  Kevin's attention to the ingredients has raised the bar for customers again and again.