Summer Packs Details & Terms

gf- gluten free
df- dairy free
sf- soy free
All items are pre-orders for the coming week.
  • Desired marinate for chicken thighs is to be put into the "special instructions for seller" box during checkout.
  • One marinate per single¬†quantity ordered, you may only¬†list as many marinates¬†as quantities entered; split packs are not available.¬†
  • Marinate modifications are not possible unless already specified, i.e. gf.
  • All items will come with cooking instructions, and are for the most part cook up within 15 minutes, variance with meat items as they are to preference.
  • All items are sold individually and may require additional meat, starch and or vegetables to become fully balanced meal, depending on the item ordered.
  • Meats may be frozen and defrosted at a later time but will last in the packaging for up to a week after delivery/pick up.