Return Policy

General Policy-

     If you are dissatisfied with a meal or meal ingredient for any reason, please contact us here within 7(seven) days of the date you received the meal and we will either replace the meal or meal ingredient at our expense or, depending on the circumstances, provide you a full or partial credit or refund of the purchase price for that meal or meal ingredient. We may require the return or photographic documentation of any meal ingredient with which you are dissatisfied before we provide you a credit or refund.

In all aspects of Salt Pepper & Oil the General Policy stands, however specifics for individual items below will overrule the General Policy.  

Section 1- Dinners

When dinners are either picked up or delivered they may be examined for quality, and packaging seals. With that said dinners from Salt Pepper and Oil have a 5(five) day, after delivery date return if at Salt Pepper & Oil error. To ensure quality our service was designed to be brought to you as fresh as possible through multiple day deliveries, and in-store pick ups available throughout the week. Meals requested for return must be brought to our in-store location with prior notification, to ensure the best course of action with single ingredient or full meal replacement. 

Dinners Qualify for Returns Under the Following Guidelines:

  • Heat sealed packaging/vacuum seal is broken, improperly sealed, or unsealed. 
  • If produce given are rotten, moldy, bruised, or highly oxidized.
  • If meat, or seafood given is rotten, moldy, or has an unpleasant odor.

Dinners DON'T Qualify for Returns Under the Following Guidelines:

  • As a result of improper handling, transport, storage, refrigeration or act of God after delivery.
  • If items are not in their original packaging(items visibly questionable through packaging), excluding meat and seafood.
  • As a result of dinner(s) being either under/over-cooked because of personal preference.
  • As a result of dinner(s) being either under/over-seasoned because of personal preference.

Section 2- Desserts

All desserts refunds or replacements abide by our general policy above. Refunds will be available if items are visually rotting, moldy or in any way don't present freshness. We make all of our desserts from scratch within our facility in Bellingham and depending on the item, items may come fresh or frozen(ex. cookies that are ready to bake). 

Section 3- Gift Cards 

Gift Cards sales are final and are not eligible for refund, or return. Cash back, cash redemptions, or cash value will not be granted at any point for gift cards. 

Section 4- Other Non-Food Items

In relation to any non-food product you purchased through the Salt Pepper & Oil store, you may return the Product within 30(thirty) days of the date you received/purchased the product by contacting us here, emphasis stands that all returned products must be unused and in their original packaging. If items are damaged upon arrival you have 7 (seven) days to make us aware of any issues; photos of the damaged item(s) may be required. Depending on the situation we may either refund your item(s) fully or partially, or replace it. 
You will be responsible for return shipping costs, and a 20% restocking fee of the item(s) total value. After we receive your returned product, we will issue you a refund for the price you paid for the product excluding any shipping, handling, and restocking charges associated with the item(s). If you can not comply with the terms of this section, you will be ineligible to receive a refund.