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Hours of operation are changing starting August 1st

It's been an amazing 9 months of serving all of you! 
9 month already?
How time flies!

Starting August 1st, we will be consolidating our hours of operation from our current Monday-Friday, to a simple Tuesday-Thursday with availability of delivery and in-store pick up for all three operation days. The in-store hours will remain the same, 11:30am-6pm. This will create a more efficient system for yourself, and allow us to serve you better.

Couple of other important changes...


All orders will need to be in by Sunday @ midnight. Although we would appreciate orders earlier in the week, Sunday will be the official cut off date. You will have your choice of delivery or pick-up Tuesday-Thursday in the coming week. This is a more optimized system compared to the prior ordering system of two different order windows for separate days.


Besides the email every Monday morning of the new menus. We will only send out one reminder email every week, on Saturday, as a reminder to order by Sunday @ midnight; compared to the current 2 emails sent out weekly.


Same day classics will no longer be available, all items will require pre-ordering besides frozen cookies, dry mixes, and additional dessert items which will be available during hours of operation, as is currently available.

If you have any questions email us -