Little Facts About Our Food System...

Did you know...

An average American family throws away roughly 25% of what they purchase, which equates to $1,350-2,275 dollars just thrown away for a family of four yearly?

That 40% of our food between farmer and fork just gets dumped into a landfill?

An average American today wastes 10 times more food compared to someone in South East Asia, and 50% more than an American from the 1950’s?

The two larges waste areas are produce and seafood.

- From all fruits and vegetables produced 52% go to waste and 48% is consumed.

- With all seafood production 50% is consumed and 50% is just wasted.

Consider This.

In order to get food to you it consumes up...

10% of the United States energy budget
50% of United States land
80% of all fresh water consumption

Our goal at Salt Pepper & Oil is not only to reconnect you with the food you're eating, or bring you the best quality prepped ingredients that you can cook with at home. It's also to make an impact on our world's environment starting here by eliminating waste, eating what we grow instead of just throwing it away, and returning to a real understanding of food's true value.