Knife Sharpening and Restoration Services

Got some dull knives? Can't stand them? Send them into us at SPO and have them brought back to beyond their original glory!

We're offering the best and most consistent knife sharpening and restoration services. Our water cooled sharpening is all done by hand and is the optimal way to treat any knife from professional to home use.

Pricing, Services and Terms

  1. Standard knife sharpening is billed at $2 per inch of blade length only, not full length of knife,Ā knives will be measured andĀ invoiced accordingly.
  2. If you'd like a new angle on the blade edge for different cutting power, there will be an additional $5 fee per knife.
  3. If knives need to be ground down due to bolster at end of blade, a broken tip, nicks or chips out of blade or due to uneven roll, an additional cost of $15 per knife will apply. We'll run it by you before proceeding if this is needed.
  4. If knives have been through many sharpenings over the years and have shrunk the width of the blade the blade may need to be thinned down so that you are able to have the proper taper needed to have any usable cutting power to your knife. A $15 fee will apply per knife for this service, we'll let you know as well if this is necessary.
  5. If your knife has a bent tip we'll try and straighten it out at no cost however if the tip happens to break, the grinding fee (3) will apply per knife.
  6. There are certain knives that we cannot sharpen at the time, like some bread knives. If you have any questions email us "".
  7. Sales tax will apply.

    Our Knife Sharpening...

    • Goes through a multi-stage sharpeningĀ process to ensure the edge is properly ground and polished to eliminate and burrs and imperfections.
    • Gets you a razor sharp finish blade that can stay that way for a long time with proper care.
    • UtilizesĀ low RPM waterstones that allow the steel to maintain its integrity and doesn't allow a chance for the temper of the metal to be tampered with
    • Takes minimal metal off the knife edge
    • Doesn't implement high RPM grinding wheels or sanding belts that can cause uneven blade roll and an inconsistent edge
    Ā Check out this video of a local chefsĀ 7ā€, Miyabi Kaizen ll restoration!

    Billing, Payment & Our Process

    Payment is not taken right away, you're simply letting us know you're bring in your knives or shipping them in. Invoices will be sent on final payments due depending on the inch total of all the blades received plus any other costs that may be incurred if restoration is involved. If payments are not made within 30 days of notifications that knives are ready for pickup or to be mailed, a 10% fee of the total invoice will be added on, on a monthly basis until balance is paid.

    You can...

    • DROP OFF - Just drop off your knives on Tuesday 11:30am-6pm at 4073 Hannegan Rd, Bellingham WA
    • MAIL/SHIP - MailĀ them to us, WELL INSULATED and packaged for safety and include your name, email and phone number. Knives that are mailed/shipped in must be both wrapped well and in a box.
    • USPS is the best bang for your buck when shipping smaller amounts, you'll pay for postage to us and we'll ship it back to you FREE! UPS however will be best for you to ship through if you're sending us over a package over 1lb.

    Shipping Requirements

    1. Knives must be sent with two layer protection, basically they need to be wrapped and extra padding given to sharp ends, then they also need to be within a box, tightly packed.
    2. Be sure to include a legible sheet of paper with your full name, phone number and email address, as well as what you'd like done with your knives(ex. standard sharpening, bolster removal and sharpening, etc...).
    3. Secure box with tape and ship to...
      Salt Pepper and Oil
      4073 Hannegan Rd, Suite B
      Bellingham WA, 98226