HOURS OF OPERATION UPDATE! Starting the week of June 10th, 2019 we will be open ONLY Tuesdays for In-Store Pick Up and all Local deliveries, all remaining WA-State deliveries will arrive to you on Wednesday. We will no longer be cooking dumplings during the week in-store, but will be at the Farmers Market in Barkley on Wednesday and the Bellingham Farmers Market on Saturday.


Where is your in-store pick up location?
Hannegan Square
4073 Hannegan Rd, Suite B
Bellingham WA, 98266

Open Tuesday 11:30am-6pm.

What are your delivery days?
Delivery days are Tuesdays for our local zip codes and will arrive to you between 7am thru 7pm. 

All other Washington State delivery available zip codes will ship out and arrive Wednesday by the end of the day.

Please see our home page to for local and remaining WA-State zip code delivery availability.

When do I need to have my order placed by?
Orders are due by Sunday @ midnight for your choice of Tuesday-Thursday in the coming week. Although we do appreciate orders being placed earlier in the week.

Why do I order for the coming week, and not tomorrow?
The ordering process designed gives us at Salt Pepper and Oil the time to work with local vendors and farmers to bring you the freshest product possible. We are not in bulk production and don't have products sitting made for days or weeks at a time, like you can find at grocery stores. With that said, this timeline allows us to prep your meals with the freshest of ingredients in conjunction with your delivery/pick-up day.

Can I just walk in and pick up a meal without an pre-order?
Most frozen cookies, and available pierogies, raviolis and tortellinis may be picked up any day Tuesday-Thursday during hours of operation. However at the current moment all meals are on a pre-order basis for the coming week, so no meals are available for pick up the same day.

How many people is each meal designed to feed? 
Every dinner on the Salt Pepper & Oil menu has an intended serving size to feed one grown person, and may have some leftovers for your snack a few hours later, or a small lunch the next day. Being able to offer on an individual meal basis allows not only family convenience but also extends our service to singles. 

Based on your eating habits you may be able to get 2 meals out of one. On average there's about 1# of food per person, per meal, so one meal will easily feel two kids about 10 years and under. 

How do I know that your meals are actually fresh and haven't been sitting prepped in your refrigerator?
If you have this question we hope that we can earn your trust by dismissing any doubtful thoughts with your first meal. When you receive your meal you will be able to inspect it, and see the true quality we provide. We have absolutely nothing to gain, but everything to lose by giving you subpar ingredients; so we won't.  

Where do you source meats from?
We strive to source all our meat from producers that raise animals humanely and sustainably without the use of any antibiotics, or hormones. We proudly only use certified organic chicken along with many other beef, pork, and lamb cuts that are either certified organic, pasture raised or all-natural. This depends on where we can source from at the time, as always trying to incorporate as much local meats as possible.

Do you source certified organic products?
Not exclusively, but we source both organic and local produce from farmers every chance we get. With a weekly changing menu we have to ensure that a consistent variety is present. We try to establish great relationships with all of our local farmers and vendors that have high standards for their growing practices. We take that and give it to you, so even if it might not always have the label, we want to assure you we're always working on getting quality product to your plate.

Why is my vacuum sealed meat not a bright red color(in reference to dark meats)?
Red or dark meat is made up of muscle fibers, as they are typically mobility muscles that include the protein myoglobin. Myoglobin is a richly pigmented protein that is affected by oxygen. Freshly cut meat is bright red because the oxygen in the air has chemically affected the myoglobin. Oxygen reduced packaging or vacuum sealed packaging of raw meat interrupts the usual pattern of food color by altering the oxidation process so that it is more purple or brown in color, which is not a sign of spoilage and is still completely safe for consumption. Vacuum packaging preserves the freshness of meat by taking it out of an oxygen rich environment, as it encourages spoilage. Normal color of meat is typically regained when meat is removed from the vacuum pack and re-exposed to the air for 5-10 minutes.

How long will my meals last in the refrigerator?
Meals will last at least 5 days in the refrigerator if properly stored starting from the delivery date. We recommend that you cook and eat your meal within that timeframe to ensure optimum freshness. If you have any seafood in your meal, store it in a container, covered with ice in the refrigerator. Also if you aren't eating your meal within two days of delivery and it contains seafood, freeze the seafood to preserve freshness. When you are ready, place your seafood in the refrigerator and defrost in original packaging; approximately 8-12 hours. Our hours were designed to provide you with the convenience of ordering more frequently, not to have a refrigerator full of aging meals. 

Can I freeze my meals?
Obviously the goal is to supply fresh meals, however if you'd like to freeze them, that is definitely an option. You may just put your meals as they come in the original packaging into the freezer, when needed separate the packages, place them not overlapping in the refrigerator overnight to ensure even defrosting. 

You may also pre-cook your meals cool them and freeze them to be reheated later. 
As a disclaimer, the freezing/refreezing may affect quality, and cooking times of meals.

    What if I can't cook?
    With our extensive preparation, and easy to follow recipes you DON'T need to know how to cook. If you can turn on a stove, heat up a pan or pot, and follow simple recipe directions you will be just fine. Our meals are designed around plug and play recipes, with minimal prep, if any, so that anyone can eat freshly cooked meals at home.

    Do I need to prep anything or can I just start cooking?
    Everything will be fully prepped and ready to cook for the most part. If we ever ask you to prep anything it will be something that won't take more than five minutes, like chopping herbs or slicing an avocado.

    What ingredient do I need at home?
    All you need at home is SALT PEPPER & OIL(oil/butter). We will provide all the other required ingredients necessary to complete your recipes with ease.

    How often does the menu change?
    The menu changes every week with six new meals every week to choose from. 

    Does Salt Pepper and Oil accommodate allergies?
    If you are a new customer and do have allergies we ask that you email us before ordering off the current week's menu, as most of the time we can accommodate allergies. If we cannot we will let you know promptly, and if we can we will send you replacement options for your allergy ingredients. If we can accommodate your allergy request we ask that you write your allergy and substitution in the "special instructions for seller" box that is located in your cart.

    The staff at Salt Pepper and Oil has excellent sanitation practices, and processes to avoid any cross contamination. We do however produce all of our products out of one kitchen that includes most common allergens.

    **If you have severe(includes complex or list of extensive) allergies we are sorry, but we ask that you do not order from Salt Pepper and Oil. Our production happens in one kitchen and we do not have dedicated spaces for severe allergy preparations.

    What benefits do I have by shopping with Salt Pepper and Oil?
    Besides supporting local farmers, vendors and artisans you are eliminating LOTS of things from your day.

    You are no longer...

    • eating processed foods
    • stressing or¬†hassling
    • searching for recipes
    • shopping
    • prepping for hours
    • cleaning after prep
    • unsure of where and how your food is made
    • putting your scraps in a landfill
    • throwing away unused or rotten¬†ingredients¬†¬†
    • buying more than you need

    ...just to name a few. You are however, eating fresh, saving money and are now able to spend your extra time enjoying life.