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These dumplings will be your go-to, DAILY! 

Growing up in a Russian household there was always something interesting on the table, from pickled herring to raw cured pork belly that you eat with uncooked garlic cloves and dark rye bread. Although memorable and frightening at times, the meal we always longed for as kids was Pelmeni. Pelmenis are of Eastern European descent and you'll find different variations of these dumplings throughout Russian and Ukrainian cooking. 

Most often you'll find these dumplings in a honeycomb shape or tortellini style fold where you bring the two ends of the dough together. Our shape resembled a miniature style pierogi, with the main focus for us being in the dough and filling. 

We make our dough and filling from scratch and are proud of it, shape the dumplings, we then IQF freeze them so all you gotta do is cook them up in about 5 MINUTES! It's truely the best meal to have in your freezer, and they are EXTREMELY filling.

2 pound - feeds 4-5, at about 1/2# per person
5 pound - feeds 10-12, at about 1/2# per person

Dough Ingredients: Unbleached Enriched Flour, Water, Salt 

Filling Ingredients: Meat(Organic Chicken, Organic or Country Natural Beef, All-Natural Lamb, or Carlton Farms Pork), Finely Chopped Caramelized WA Grown Onion, Herbs and Spices(house blend), Salt, Black Pepper, Heavy Cream(40%)

Tikka Masala: Tomato Puree, Caramelized WA Grown Onion, Spices, Salt, Cream
Charred Garlic: Organic Garlic, Thyme, Salt, Water
Sweet Onion and Dill: WA Grown Onion, Organic Garlic, Cayenne, Fresh Dill, Cream, Salt
Fire Roasted Tomato: Roma Tomatoes, Garlic, Habanero, Salt, Spices