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Salt Pepper & Oil PSA

I want to start this off by saying THANK YOU to all of you for supporting our local business for the past five years and especially through this time. We have always strived to make scratch made, tasty food, and source the best quality product for our business and your enjoyment. Sourcing many organic products, supporting local produce and meat producers, fishers, and artisan craft men and women throughout our community. 

With that being said that is still our goal, but these times have created challenges in our path that we are not ready to buckle under, but need to adjust to. Many local producers and growers are selling retail and have very limited product available for wholesale, and many aren't selling wholesale at all, at the moment. Some products that we get from other purveyors have been either limited, eliminated or so far back-ordered there's no light in sight. With the wide variety of items we offer week to week it makes sourcing that much more challenging. Within the next few weeks and maybe months we hope you'll be understanding in the unpredictable fluidity of products within the market. Many times in the past weeks we've had products pre-ordered and coming, to find that they never actually arrive. We of course will do our best to ensure that every menu item and ingredient listed is provided, however do understand that ingredients may fluctuate with what's available. In all cases we will still provide the same portions, quality and flavors you have come to know and love. 

These have been the most uncertain times for proper sourcing of the product we rely on to operate, in the five years we've been open. We will continue to serve our community amazing quality products, we're just asking for a little grace. 

Much love,

Oleg Vetkov


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Shipping meals through Washington State as a local meal service! Prepared meals that are fresh and ready to cook, along with sides, condiments, and baked goods.